Welcome to TunnelKit!  This guide will go over all of the major features, and help you get up and running.


The navigation throughout TunnelKit is pretty simple.  Here are your options:

Click on your name to view your account settings. These include contact details, the option to change your password, and subscription management.
Other options are:

  • Timelines:  View all of your timelines
  • New Timeline:  Create a new timeline
  • Support:  Send us a support message
  • Sign Out

The Timelines Page

The Timelines page is the first thing you'll see once you've logged in to TunnelKit.  It lists all of your timelines, which you can filter by status.

Click on a timeline to make changes to it, or click the "View" button to view the same page your clients will see.

Editing Timelines

Note:  When you create your TunnelKit account, you'll start off with a Guide to Timelines timeline.  Follow its steps to get a hands-on introduction to editing timelines.

It's quick and easy to make changes to the steps in a timeline, update its status, or change its settings.  Here's what you'll see:

For more information, see Editing Timelines

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